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A self-help podcast for women …

Who have suffered from infertility or experienced pregnancy loss.

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Real convos about…

infertility/ pregnancy Loss

Both infertility and pregnancy loss are taboo topics in our society. Shereece shares her advice and experience with others in the hopes of removing the negative stigma associated with these issues.


No doubt being a mom is hard work, but becoming one is too. Listen as Shereece takes you along her unique journey of becoming a mom after years of infertility and pregnancy losses.

and everything in between

From mental health to infertility advice and everything in between, Gonna Be A Mom Podcast is a safe space where moms and moms-to-be can cry, feel, think and grow without fear of being judged.

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About the Host

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Shereece Slowly


Hi, I’m Shereece, on my podcast Gonna Be A Mom; I aim to create a safe space for women who’ve experienced infertility or pregnancy loss to be able to discuss fertility/ motherhood- related issues to help us move forward in our healing journey.

You can expect to hear personal stories and get advice on issues I’ve dealt with. Such as being young and infertile and healing from a pregnancy loss to dealing with my fertility caused mental health struggles. Listen, learn and enjoy.


General Inquiries

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